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How a sweet tradition is born.

Water, sugar and almonds. And then the slow rotating of the “bassine”, the big low copper pots filled with the high quality Avola almonds, the freshly picked hazelnuts and any other type of natural ingredient to be sugarcoated. This is how Francesco Marcone’s sugarcoated candies were born, with simple and natural ingredients, with care, the passion of handwork similar to that of a tailor that made these products unique in flavour and softness.

With William Di Carlo’s modernity, acuteness and spirit of iniziative, in the early 1900s the Di Carlo factory had numerous “bassine”, which he replaced with bigger copper pots which were no longer rotated by hand but thanks to electric energy. At that time, the high quality Avola almonds, were prepared in advance following a secret family recipe, placed inside the “bassine” and sprinkled with a sugar syrup which, due to the rotation of the pot, uniformly coated the almonds. A source of heat, then, caused the sugar to dry, the water evaporated and the sugar contained in the syrup returned to its original solid state, forming the first thin layer of sugar coating the almond. This procedure was repeated until the desired thickness of sugarcoating was reached, thereby giving that flavour and delicate almond-sugar balance that made and still makes the flavour of William Di Carlo’s sugarcoated almonds inimitable.   

The art of sugarcoating almonds thereby faithfully followed the antique recipe, based on traditional handwork, but it was also open to novelty, to a company that could change its habits and its tastes. Soon, these sugarcoated almonds were not only simple sweets to be tasted, but they became exclusive gifts for special occasions and festivities, for sweet moments to be sealed with refined delicacies. And these delicacies turned into elegant arrangements or were placed inside beautiful tin boxes that made their content even more precious. The Di Carlo confectionary factory at that moment began its journey towards the delicious and beautiful which would last throughout the years and which is still a distinctive feature of the company today.  

The attention given to quality and the continuous search for new tastes in Nature to be captured forever in white sugar gems, is a passion which has been passed down from generation to generation, renewing itself in all Marcone and Di Carlo family members. Even today, William Di Carlo, dedicates himself, with keen enthusiasm and expertise, to the creation of products which are the expression of the concept of beauty which surprises and that of deliciousness which creates emotion.
Di Carlo’s sugarcoated almonds and delicacies, with their unmistakable flavour, awaken one’s senses and capture one’s eyes, thereby telling a story of excellence which is not heard but tasted .