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Sugar delicacies, the sweet taste of summer.

Nature reaches its highest splendour during the summer,  it gives us aromas and colours that kindle numerous tones of taste and flavour. Fruit is so sweet and pulpy that it gave rise to a new idea in William Di Carlo’s mind which was to create a new sugarcoated candy, which could capture the velvety and tasty summer fruit. The new sugarcoated candy no longer has its traditional role as witness to weddings and other special occasions, but becomes the protagonist of exquisite and fragrant moments to savour alone or with others.

Sugarcoating Nature becomes an act of love, an essential recipe which makes sugarcoated candies timeless and without fixed seasons.
The delicate violets, the perfumed roses or the juicy taste of coconut, are found in the soft jelly fillings of the clarisse, in the crunchy taste of a sugar cult or in the soft filling of  crunchy sugarcoated fruit. In this way William Di Carlo renews the family recipe, that know-how which means only choosing the best from all that Nature offers to make it etenal, to capture it in the sweetness of sugar.

The  new sugar delicacies  are born from the ancient wisdom of the Di Carlos, which found the most original and genuine products in Nature and used them to create new and exquisite food products. Here is a tribute to summer fruit, to the freshness of lemons, to the sweet and soft plumpness of apricots to then reach as far as the delicious taste of coconut. Just like the men and women of the past went to fields to pick strawberries, to groves to pick lemons and to orchards to pick apricots while respecting and taking care of friendly and generous mother Nature, William Di Carlo today picks the best fruit and makes it unique by coating it with pure sugar which preserves all its flavour and aroma.