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Chocolate delicacies, sweetness that warms the heart.

When Francesco Marcone, during the second half of the 18th century, used chocolate to make his refined and excellent products, he allowed the bitter taste of the high quality cocoa to fuse with the rich fruits that autumn offered, thereby creating sweets unique for their goodness and excellence. Crunchy hazelnuts and soft almonds were covered with senusal taste of chocolate creating exquisite sweet unions.

In this way, during winter, the season of warm pleasure was born, a season of sweets which had the soft colours of autums and the cold breath of winter as their ingredients, ancient recipes which had preserverd the secrets of a confectioner’s job which finds inspiration in Nature. An inheritance of know how and wisdom which can be found in the unique taste of the chocolate delicacies, the latest refined products born in the Di Carlo company.
Chocolate, in all of its most desired expressions, from full-bodied dark chocolate, to delicate milk chocolate, up to precious white chocolate, moulds, surrounds and becomes one with the famous almonds, with the fanciful hazelnuts or the flavourful pistachio nuts or sometimes hides a delicate filling of liqueur, or the tender center of an orange peel or a raisin.
New tastes, recent ones that steal from an ancient secret of extraordinary flavours, which exhalt and guide the senses to the discovery of moments of pure pleasrue, of infinite good quality.