Today as yesterday

Our confetti production, as originally, takes place in machineries called “bassine”, in which almonds and hazelnuts are rolled in order to cover them with sugar. The term “bassina” derives from the ancient times, when the electricity still didn’t exist and the confetti were realized within very large and low pots hanging from the ceiling with some ropes and swung by hand.

The almonds, prepared according to the traditional and secret family recipe, are sugar syrup soaked and then placed in these “bassine”. As a result of the rotation, the sugar is uniformly ditributed, while a hot air jet dries it, by evaporating the excessive water and taking it back to the solid state. And it’s here that the sweet layer of the almond takes shape. The process is continually repetead until a standard thickness is obtained, which is fundamental for the quality of the same sugared almond.

We don’t produce sugared almonds, but we create them.

High-quality sugared almonds, where the sugar’s thickness is very thin, in order to keep the almond’s flavour and its smoothness.

The research of perfection bring us to exclusively choose almonds which come from Avola, a southern-east town of Sicily that procudes a variery, called “Pizzuta di Avola”, unique in the world for its shape and flavour.

Everything is hand-made in the traditional way.

Sugared Almonds, Dragées and Sugared Almonds Flowers made in an artisanal way, from the beginning to the packaging of the individual packages.

The reason? The machineries cannot replace the love, care and passion we have for our collaborator. This is a job where passion is at the heart of quality; a quality that we search every day, in order to satisfy our customers.

We put people at the center of everything we do. Always.

Our products cover a large part of Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Emirates, Bahrein and Kuwait. We have a broad single and multi brand official seller network and we have recently launched our shop in Dubai at the Nakheel Mall, a prestigious mall situated in the center of Palm Jumeirah, in a food hall where there are other international brands in the field of food and catering. Despite everything we preferred to keep “a low profile”, respecting the principles and spirit that made us grow.

Building trustworthy relationships with the customer is a real added value for us. Only in this way, indeed, we have the guarantee to fully satisfy the expectations of all those people who are part of our world, both they are employees, customers or, simply, compatriots.

The union has always been our secret, what distinguish us from other commercial realities: knowing each other, enhancing the qualities of everyone and making our flaws a basis to improve.

In other words, it’s important to be a family to carry on a family company..