The shipping of the products is carried out through couriers selected by I.R.C. William Di Carlo Srl.

The shipping cost on the italian national territory is €8.The shipping costs are charged to I.R.C. William Di Carlo Srl for orders equal or above €60.

In coherence with the domestic policy that avoid the possible creation of stocks (in order to ensure the freshness and quality of the products), the timing shipping cannot be concomitant to the execution of the order. Specifically, such timing is confimed:

  • for sugared almonds and dragèes: 
    • 10 business days for shipping in Italy
    • 13 business days for shipping abroad
  • for party favours:
    • 15 business days for shipping in Italy
    • 18 business days for shipping abroad

The timing above mentioned are indicative, not stricty binding for IRC William Di Carlo Srl and they refert to the days that are between the order reception and the actual delivery to the courier..

In case of unavailability of one or more Products, subsequent to the order, IRC William Di Carlo Srl can procede with the shipping of the other Products ordered by the Cliente. The partial delivery is valid and it does not give the right to the Client to reject the delivery or claim for damages or reimbursements.

The courier delivers during the business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and local and national festivities) from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The deliveries will be made within 72 hours from the date of the Shipping Confirmation (except when force majeure events or unpredictable circumstances ocurr). In case of uncomfortable areas, the shipping timing should be much longer.

In case of a missed delivery, the courier will leave a note saying that either the driver will try to deliver your parcel the next working day. If the addressee is still absent, the local subsidiary tries to call the addressee and tha package is kept in the same subsidiary for 3 business days. On 4th business day, the package is deposited at the Post Office of competence and the postman delivers a card notifying the attempted delivery. The addresses has further 7 working days (including Saturday) to pick up the package at the Post office. In case of failed pick up within this time lapse, the package will be immediately returned to IRC William Di Carlo Srl.

I.R.C William Di Carlo will not be liable for further malfunctions in the delivery service by the courier.

In case of deliveries to recepetions (with signature for the pick up by the receptionist), I.R.C. William Di Carlo Srl will not be liable for subsequent failed deliveries of the package to the final addressee.

If a country of destination is not listed among the other ones, it means that currently we are not delivering in such Country. Anyway we suggest you to contact our administrative office to get more information, sendind an email at

At the time of products delivery, the Client should check:

  • that the numbers of packages combine with the one indicated in the transportation documet;
  • that the packaging is intact, without damages, neither soaked ror broken as well as the closure materials (adhesive tape or metal strapping);

• Possible damages to the packaging and/or to the product or the failed correspondence of the numbers of pacjages or indications, should be immediately recorded, putting a specific indication on the product delivery document that should be delivered again to the courier..

• Possible problems concerning the physical integrity, the correspondence or completeness of the product received shoul be pointed out within 14 days from the delivery date, according to the procedures provided for this document.